cafe allure and wine bar    

the metro cafe in the country         0350324422    

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Drinks Menu



short or long black 3.7             

café latte, cappuccino 3.7                      

flat white, macchiato 3.7                 

afagatto, vienna, mocha 4.5

hot chocolate 4.5

hot white chocolate 4.5

muggaccino, muggalatte 4.5

double coffee shots .5                              

chai latte 3.7                                        

green tea latte 3.7

shots vanilla, caramel, hazelnut,

irish-cream .5        


english breakfast, earl grey, irish breakfast, green, peppermint,  

cold drinks 6

iced coffee, iced chocolate,

iced chai tea, iced mocha

wine  glass 7

chardonnay ,sauvignon blanc                                      merlot, fruity white

 spirits 8

jim beam, vodka, scotch, gin, oyzo, malibu, midori, kahlua, baileys, southern comfort, tequila


fosters light ice 5                    

carlton draught, carlton dry, crowny6                          

 coopers, corona, little creatures 7 

lemon, lime & bitters 4.5  lg 5


fresh squeezed juices 6

100% fresh fruit 

carrot cocktail-carrot, orange & apple

heart starter-apple, carrot & celery

energy machine -carrot, celery, ginger & tomato

orange juice-straight up freshly squeezed

 smoothies sorbet 6         

 fruit, juice & sorbet - no dairy    


raspberry cocktail-orange, apple, raspberries 

tropical breeze-pineapple, orange, apple & mango  

smoothies dairy 6

low fat milk, yoghurt, honey & icecream   

berry tingle-blueberries, strawberries & raspberries

raspberry rush-crushed raspberries

banana berrysplash-strawberries banana

frappes 6   

coffee, low fat milk, ice cream & shaved ice

choc chip mocha

cookies & cream

peppermint Choc

milk/thick shake      

  large 4.5, small 3, thick-shake 6

chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana, hazelnut, caramel, coffee, Irish cream, malt, blue-heaven  

soft drinks & spider   

              sm 3.5 , lg 4 , spider 4.5